Two Common Bathtub Replacement Problems and How to Avoid Them

Before you have a bathroom remodeling contractor come out and take measurements on your bathtub replacement, it is very important that you take note of where your tub is located. In this article, we are going to talk about two very common problems that cause issues when installing bathtub replacement and this can save you time and money.

First off, you’ll want to know where your floor joists are located. This will be the main support for your floor and where the plumbing and electrical connections will be located. The location of your floor joists is very important, so be sure to measure carefully.

Next, check and make sure that your crawl space is large enough to hold a significant amount of plumbing and electrical work. You also want to make sure that the ceiling is level as well as long enough to allow for a sealant to be applied. It is very important that the crawl space to be sealed properly to prevent water from entering and causing damage to your home.

One more thing that you’ll want to take care of is to make sure that your sewer line is attached. Also, you’ll want to take care of your drain. Be sure that there are no clogs or obstructions to stop water from running down and creating a slippery mess for you. Once all of these things are taken care of, it is time to get the contractor out and take measurements for your bathtub replacement.

For many people, one of the most troublesome items when it comes to installing walk-in tubs for elders is the installation of the toilet. However, if you have a qualified plumber, they will be able to do this job in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Before the contractor comes out and takes measurements, make sure that the toilet is level and has the right bowl size.

Most plumbers that install toilets are very thorough and will make sure that all of the pieces are the right height and of course, will use the appropriate kind of sealant to make sure your new toilet is installed properly. If your toilet was not installed correctly, there is a good chance that it could break down and be replaced. You also want to make sure that the installation is done with the proper tools and that they use the correct pressure to ensure that the toilet does not leak or bulge out at any point.

The last thing that you will want to take care of when installing the new toilet is to make sure that you place the drain in the correct location. Many people make the mistake of leaving the toilet parts on top of the drain because they have forgotten about it. Also, many people forget to add water to the drain in between the toilet and the tank and they never have the opportunity to place a full fill stop at the bottom of the toilet to help protect the water lines.

Taking these precautions will ensure that your replacement is installed correctly and the plumbing components are correctly installed. Once you have finished with the install and the contractors remove the old components, it is important that you leave the bathroom for at least two hours before trying to open the door. Even if the unit has been cleaned and is working properly, it may not be safe to open the door of the bathroom at that point.